Major Saver Card

Grants, Scholarships, Memorials, Trusts and More

Give a gift in memory of someone, in honor of someone, or to support a specific service, program or activity. You tell us how you'd like your gift to be used to benefit Moberly schools, and we'll take it from there.

The Foundation awards grants for innovative or vital educational programs, projects, activities and services, which are not, or cannot be funded through existing tax sources. So every child benefits, whether they are in Kindergarten or in 12th grade. Many of these grants are funded through the sales of the Major Saver cards. Why not help your schools, and support local Moberly businesses at the same time? The Major Saver cards do both!  These cards feature discounts and offers from Moberly businesses. 

Distinguished Educator Award

Every generation needs heroes and role models. The Moberly school district has had many educators who could be considered both. We are trying to identify individuals who have left a legacy and have kept education a priority in their community.

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Moberly Public Schools Foundation Distinguished Alumni Award has been established to recognize graduates of Moberly High School for outstanding achievements and contributions to society following graduation. These recipients reflect strong role models with strengths of character and citizenship to inspire and challenge today’s students.